Book #1

Tired, hungry and broke the Badger Brothers find themselves in the city of Stonevale. If they can just get a beast bashing gig then the cash will start rolling in, and so will the grub!

However a small misunderstanding with a strange tooter, a failed bit of pastry pilfering and a run in with the city watch means things take a turn for the worse.

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Book #2

"Say what!? It wasn't us guv!?" Caught and caged without so much as a trial the boys find themselves within the clutches of the Duke of Stonevale, and to make matters worse they still haven't been properly fed!

Tales of magic stones, shrieking mists and a Talking Tortoise reveal the Badgers Brothers origins as the boys begin to recall the night their tribe disappeared...

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Book #3

Fighting tooth and nail with a mighty Troll, teleporting with a mystical tortoise and a battling with a sea beastie, it's all kicking off as the Badger Brothers are forced to fight for their freedom within the "Chasm of Carnage"!

Will they live to fight another day?

Will they be re-united with there weapons?

Never mind that! Will they finally get some decent grub!!?

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Book #4

Strange dreams and mysterious symbols lead the boys in search of clues as to the origins of the mysterious "Shriek".

Following Lawson their shell backed companion they head off in search of the "Village of Myths", a hotbed of mystic knowhow and a popular stop off for battle weary warriors.

With heads full of questions regarding Moon Magic, Ancient Stones and the power of "The Almighty Gorn" the gang soon find that maybe the answers are not as far as they once thought.

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